AJ Allmendinger charity news 2011-02-07

Allmendinger Helps Pave the Way as Davidson Library exceeds fund raising goal.

7 February 2011 (Davidson, NC)-- AJ Allmendinger helped to keep a local library not only meet its fund raising goal, but also exceed it as the Davidson Library's "Pave the Way" campaign generated just over $211,000 in support, well above the targeted $175,00.

The Davidson Library, located in the same bucolic town where his management company (Walldinger Racing, Inc.) is based, was facing a significant budget shortfall. But a focused task force and a town that banded together to make it happen, as well as some gifts from donors like Allmendinger, helped to ensure that the library will continue to enrich the community for years to come.

"I'm glad that my NASCAR career has put me in a position where we could help Davidson Library reach their fundraising goal. My company, Walldinger Racing, is based here and some of our employees and their families call Davidson home as well. So Davidson and the community here are obviously important to us. Not only is the library an important resource, it's really like the heart of Davidson. I think the people here really showed that by how they rallied around the Pave the Way campaign."

A total of over 1,100 donors purchased nearly 1,000 commemorative bricks during the campaign for the library, located on Davidson's historic Main Street.

The approximately $36,000 raised in excess of the $175,000 goal will be used in part to help fund the cost of constructing the commemorative brick patio in front of the library, made up of bricks purchased by donors. Any additional funds will be donated to the library endowment fund.

-source: walldinger racing

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